Reviews For A Day on the Moon
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Reviewer: GirlMonday Signed [Report This]
Date: December 10, 2005 1:31:42 PM Title: The Moon

Pretty.  I like the rhyme scheme.

Author's Response: Thanx. I guess that's just the way I write poetry. ^_^

Reviewer: Lil_Rabitt Signed [Report This]
Date: November 17, 2005 5:47:03 AM Title: The Moon

Great poem.

Author's Response: It was fun to write. I wrote it in school, so that's really saying something. lol

Author's Response: It was fun to write. I wrote it in school, so that's really saying something. lol

Reviewer: SMFriend Anonymous [Report This]
Date: August 02, 2005 9:08:00 PM Title: The Moon

wonderful poem but still hearth?

Author's Response: The "its better than sitting by the hearth" I meant like it's better than just sitting by a kindling fire, which she may have done if she was bored. It's a little confuzzing.

Reviewer: ??? Anonymous [Report This]
Date: May 28, 2005 6:56:27 PM Title: The Moon

This is an awesome poem! I could never write a poem so good! (i cant even write a poem...)

Author's Response: Awww thanks! That's how I was when I first tried to write a poem in ILA a few years ago, and then it just clicked. Thankee's for reviewing!!!

Reviewer: daveblackeye15 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 22, 2005 5:56:16 PM Title: The Moon

Ooooh, that was a good ending."Evil will always come but good will always stop it" is what I got out of it. A good read this certianly was. I enjoy star gazing and some of these stanzas sounded like thoughts that often cross my mind as I watch the stars.

Author's Response: One night I was trying to think of what to write about next. I just happened to be gazing at the moon and the stars. Once I look at the moon, it's like I can never turn away. There probably isn't a princess of the moon, but in my dreams there is. lol. Out of all the poems that I have written so far, I think my friends enjoyed this one the most. Thanks for the review! lol ;)

Reviewer: moonbunny Anonymous [Report This]
Date: May 18, 2005 12:32:29 AM Title: The Moon

I love it. moonbunny

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate it! Now I always look out to the moon. I'm very obsessed with Sailor Moon, but for a change I have my writing. When I rhyme in poems, it comes easier to me. lol. Thanks again!!!! ^^

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