Write a Picture Challenge Part 2

All right, here is part 2 of the Write a Picture challenge, with a different photo all together. This one is a bigger picture with more characters in it.


What is this challenge?
This Challenge is where you look at the picture and write a story that evolves around that picture.

Do I have to use the picture you have posted?
Yes. You may not use any other picture for this challenge.

Can I submit a story that I have already written?
No. It has to be a new story evolving this picture.

How long do I have to finish it?
You have no time limit, this challenge will always be open.

How long must it be?
Minimum of 100 words. It can be a simple drabble, but must evolve the picture. No chapter stories, only one shots.

May I use my story somewhere else?
It's your story, you may do what you want with it,

How do you want me to submit it?
This is the format I want used:

May I submit more than once?
I will allow it, but it has to be completely different from what you wrote. Don't write the same thing and do it differently.

And now here is your picture:

Write a Picture Part 2

Yes! A group photo. You can pick a character or write about all of them, the story just has to evolve around this picture. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me and ask.

DO NOT post a review asking a question.

Have fun!

--Aisuru-chan on August 28, 2009 5:41:43 PM 0 Comments