Review Of Wedding Photographers And Studios In Singapore

Here’s a review of some of the top wedding photographers in Singapore, that many readers have sent me emails and requested reviews of. Here are my honest and unbrushed opinions.

  1. Grandeur Wedding Studio
    Check them out here: ( One of the newer but fast growing wedding studio in Singapore, Grandeur Wedding Studio is quickly making waves in the industry already. With lots of talented photographers working for the studio, it provides tremendous customer service support with excellent photography. It’s constantly being nominated and rated one of the best wedding photography studios ever in Singapore.
  2. Nat Studios vs Mindy Tan
    Both fantastic studios with great looking photographs and portfolio for overseas wedding photography, I would say that Nat Studios edge out Mindy Tan by a tiny margin. This is partly because Nat Studios is more established, and have a number of photographers working under their studios, whereas Mindy Tan is still a one person show, and if she’s taking another couple’s photo shoot during a particular time, she won’t be able to do it for you. Otherwise, both the quality of their taken wedding photographs are absolutely stunning and amazing.
  3. Pixioo
    An experienced wedding photographer working as a sole photographer for couples in Singapore, Samuel from Pixioo is a true professional and works very hard to learn and take better looking photographs for his clients. One thing you might want to note is that although he occasionally works with an assistant, he usually works alone, as he’s the main photographer, and the main point of contact for the company. This means that although the quality of his portfolio can be fantastic, his response time will inevitably be slower. However, if you don’t mind that at all, then Pixioo / Samuel is definitely a great choice as a wedding photo shoot photographer for you and your spouse.

Overall, I would say that if you’re looking for overseas (anywhere outside of Singapore) wedding photography, then definitely look for Nat Studios or Mindy Tan. If you’re looking for local wedding photography, then definitely look for Grandeur Wedding Studio or Pixioo. They are among some of the most recommended wedding photographers or studios in Singapore that I would personally vouch for their quality of the photographs they take.

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Wedding Photo Shoot Tips Everyone Got To Know

Everyone got to know these wedding photo shoot tips. They will be put to use someday when you eventually get married. These tips will teach you the great things to do during photo shoots. Wedding photographers ought to know these tips, and chances are, they will remind and instruct the couples based on these tips. However, couples should still learn about these tips just in case the photographer forgets about some of them during the photo shoot. Always remember – do your best for your wedding photo shoot because the wedding photographs will be very precious and memorable to you and your spouse. Do not leave everything to the wedding photographers.

Great wedding photographers will share their tips with the public. These 3 tips below are from GWS photographers.

1. Couples should not face the sun
Couples should never face the sun during wedding photo shoots. Period. Facing the sun will cause them to squirm their eyes which doesn’t look good in a photograph. It will also make them uncomfortable that will lead to bad body posture as well.

2. Do not focus on the camera
Good photographers tell you to stay focus on where the camera is, so that he will be able to take good shots of you and your spouse. Great wedding photographers tell you and your spouse to indulge in your own world. The photographer will find his way to capture great photographs of you two. When you are indulged in your own worlds, you bring out more feelings and emotions to the picture. It is more natural and definitely looks more blissful. On the other hand, if you are fixated on the camera, you may look a little nervous and unnatural.

3. Taking pictures at an angle
Unlike taking family photographs, couples should not stand stay by side and face the camera straight during wedding photo shoots. This will look very natural. Instead, couples should take pictures at an angle against the camera. But then again, if couples are indulged in their own worlds as per point 2 above, this point will be taken care by itself. The wedding photographer will move around to shoot the couples.

Watch the below video for more great tips and demonstrations.

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Good local wedding photo shoot locations in Singapore

Here are some of the awesome locations you can go to within mainland singapore for your wedding photoshoot.

  1. Hort Park – one of the most beautiful location photo shoot areas, Hort Park is a hot favorite and absolutely scenic parks in Singapore for couples to have their wedding photographs taken at. With lots of beautiful back drops, beautiful flora and spaces for couples to hang out as well as even hold an entire wedding in there, Hort Park is the dream come true for couples who want to go to a convenient location within the town area of Singapore without needing to deal with the hustle and bustle of daily life in Singapore. It’s quiet within Hort Park and looks absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Macritchie reservoir – a more isolated location than Hort Park, it’s another place of nature that couples can and would ideally go to for their wedding photo shoot. As the name suggests, it’s a reservoir, but what makes it special is that it has a beautiful and serene looking park all around the reservoir with few people in it. This means that you are able to take against amazing looking backdrop (nature) all day long and not need to wait until people walk past to take a nice photograph.
  3. Tuas – widely known as an industrial area in Singapore, it’s a beautiful place with lots of high lalang grass where you can take picture as though you’re in a farm in another country. It looks amazing and it’s also a less known place for wedding photo shoots, which makes the place more empty and better for you to take your wedding photographs at.
  4. Marina Bay Sands – Rihanna had a photo shoot here as well. Although it has a lot more people in this area on every day of the week, it is still a great place for you to take photographs at.

The above are all gorgeous places in which / at which you can take your wedding photographs at. Make sure to engage a good photographer ( for your wedding.

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What makes good wedding photographers in Singapore great?

This post is useful for both couples who are looking to hire wedding photographers and also for wedding photographers themselves.

To the couples who are looking to hire wedding photographers, they can know the characteristics and traits of great wedding photographers so that they will know when they meet one. To the wedding photographers, they can use these pointers as a guide to improve themselves.

So, what makes good wedding photographers great?

Good wedding photographers understand what their clients wants – the style of the wedding photographs, wedding photo shoot venues, best angles to capture each wedding photographs, tone and atmosphere of the wedding pictures, and etc. They understand what the clients want and they will be able to deliver exactly what the clients wanted. This will make the clients happy and satisfied. However, great wedding photographers like those photographers from Grandeur Singapore understand the reason behind the clients’ preferences and demands. For instance, the clients may prefer to have their wedding photo shoots at a grassland and not in an urban settings due to the preference for nature scenery. If photographers understand this, they can suggest having the photo shoots at a beach also where the wind, coupled with the sand, sea and sun will make a backdrop a whole lot nicer. Good photographers will just stick to the photo shoot at the grassland. That is why great photographers exceed clients’ expectations and make them extremely thrilled and pleased. The clients will never forget the photographers who truly understands them and give them great professional advice.

In addition, good wedding photographers have a plan b for every situation. For instance, if their main camera equipment spoils, they have backup cameras. Consider also the situation where there is a bad weather. Good photographers will immediately execute plan b to keep the activities in the day going. However, great wedding photographers have not only plan b, but have plan c, d, e, and so forth. They also know how to think on their feet to execute the best alternate scenarios if something screws up. In essence, great photographers are flexible and not rigid.

Apart from those two points above, I will introduce you to 10 other pointers in the below video. The video will take about 22 minutes of your time. You will not regret it. Good stuff.

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Recommended Local Wedding Studios

There are lots of wedding studios and photographers in Singapore, but there are some which are truly extraordinary… and here are some of them!

  • None other than NAT STUDIOS.  If you’re searching for a professional wedding photographer who is going to any countries other than Singapore for your wedding photoshoot, regardless whether it’s for actual day wedding or just a pre-wedding photography session, NAT is definitely your best choice. Providing some of the best quality overseas wedding photographs, NAT STUDIOS is one of the favorite choices of couples.
  • Grandeur Wedding Studio. Check out their portfolio here. I have to say that out of all the local outdoor prewedding photography studios and professional photographers in SIngapore, Grandeur Wedding Studio clearly takes the best photographs, edging out some of the usual top ones like Bloc Memoire and the like. That is perhaps one of the reason why despite their young age they’ve grown so quickly.
  • Universal Bridal Studio is one of the favorite choices of many people and couples when it comes to studio photography in Singapore. There are many couples who still prefer studio photography, especially if the backdrop is nice. Partly, it is also because there won’t be unnecessary wind and their hair can be exactly as they might like it to be (this is definitely not the case for outdoor pre wedding photography. Additionally, there may be rain, although the entire session would usually be rescheduled for free in such an event.)

Some of the things you might want to note when comparing indoor versus outdoor photography:

  • Most indoor photography focus is on looking ‘perfect’, as the wind conditions are zero, and everything is in a perfectly controlled environment. Outdoor photography is usually about creating a WOW factor in the photograph (e.g. taken right at the top of a jaw dropping waterfall e.t.c.).
  • You can exercise more flexibility and creativity when it comes to outdoor wedding portraits. However, for indoor, you’re limited by your poses as well as the canvas backdrop that the particular studio has.

Some of the things you should note when comparing hiring a photographer from Singapore versus that from a foreign country when it comes to wedding photo shoots in foreign countries.

  • If you know people who are in that country, and are professional photographers, then by all means, go for them. However, if your social circle is only within Singapore, then trust me, your better choice is to pick a professional wedding photographer from Singapore to accompany you to go to another country to help you take your wedding photos.
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Singapore Actual Day wedding photographs

If you have compared the actual day wedding photographs of couple who got married in Singapore versus those that got married overseas, you will notice clear differences. In case you don’t know them, but you’re going to get married soon, here are some of the main ones. (Here are some insights shared by GWS)

  1. The guests will not only be in one location. When it comes to a Western marriage, it’s very straightforward and the couple would simply meet at a prior decided wedding venue with the bridesmaids and the groom with his best men. Then the other guests would come in just on time for the wedding lunch, or rather, tea party. The photographer would then be busy snapping away at this point in time. There would be rest time and then everyone shall meet again the same evening at the same venue for the wedding dinner banquet.
  2. However, this is not the case for weddings held in Singapore. The best men would be with the groom while the bridesmaid will be with the bride. They would be at their respective parents’ houses. Then, then groom will travel with his entourage of best men and make their way down quickly the bride’s place. There would also be a tea party, but instead of talking with their guests, it is mostly ‘paying respects’ to the seniors (e.g. the bride’s parents). Then, the whole group of people (other than the bride’s parents) will travel to the groom’s parents’ house for the same event. This is why you often see two different houses when it comes to AD wedding photography.
  3. One big difference you will notice is that most Chinese couples in Singapore prefer an indoor wedding, and only a few will go for outdoor wedding. However, if you see the photographs of people getting married in non-Asian countries, it would very often be an outdoor wedding.
  4. Many western couples prefer holding their weddings at a beautiful park, rented/or own mansion, or at a large barnhouse. However, most Chinese couples in Singapore prefer renting a posh hotel’s restaurant for their wedding. This is perhaps because ‘face’ is very important to many Chinese in Singapore. Of course, they need not go to Shangrila, but it would usually at least be somewhere like Hilton Hotels.

These are all the differences that you will notice when it comes to actual day wedding photographs in Singapore (of Chinese couples only though haha) versus that of most marriages held in countries outside of Singapore and Malaysia.

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Finding A good Singapore wedding photographer

Here are some tips on how to help you and your spouse find a Singapore wedding photographer who is actually great at what they do – taking amazing and beautiful looking wedding photographs for couples! For this instance, let us just talk about pre-wedding photography.

First of all, you and your spouse should discuss as to which type of pre wedding photography you want – indoor studio shoot or outdoor pre-wedding photography. This is because the type of photographer or studio you need to engage will usually be vastly different. Most photographers and/or studio only specialize in one type of pre-wedding photography – either indoor studio shoots or outdoor ones. Few photographers in Singapore specialize in both. It is far more productive and efficient for them to focus on one. Therefore, for you as well, you should decide if you want an indoor photoshoot or outdoor phootshoot before going out to look for a suitable Singapore wedding photographer.

If you have decided which type of wedding photographs you want to be taken (or both), then you can check out photography studios online. There are lots of directories and search engines which you can put to use for free to find out more about wedding photographers in Singapore. Most photographers and studios have their own websites and portfolio online in this day and age of the Internet! Therefore, this makes things very easy for the end consumer – you. All you need to do is to simply check out their websites and browse through the hundreds of websites. Within minutes, you will be able to check out almost all of the available photographers and studios in Singapore dealing with the right type of photography (indoor or outdoor) for yourself. Great, now I want you to make a list of the top 10 photographers / studios which portfolio on their website looks the best… Got it? Now move on to the next step.

I want you to contact them. I’ll speak from personal experience from this point. I spoke to 10 wedding photography studios in Singapore. I got their packages and pricing down, and I wrote it all down and then transferred to an excel spreadsheet. Most people will think that they should compare the prices first… No, not when it comes to something so important as wedding photography. You want to check out the features first, a wedding photography package is not an expense, but a big investment in your marriage. Having beautiful wedding photographs and beautiful memories of the photoshoot will only help to boost your marriage and keep it strong even after many years. So make sure to go for quality, and shortlist a final 2 or 3 photographers / studios based on their quality.

Now, if you can accept all of their packages, features and pricing, then you and your spouse can then make an informed decision about which photographer / studio you should choose… It’s that simple. At this point, simply contact them and appoint them as your wedding photographer. Pay them the deposit for booking of the photo shoot date and time and all will be fine 🙂 Thank you for reading my post!!!!!

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What Makes Wedding Photos In SG Unique

There are many things which make wedding photographs taken in Singapore look super unique, and the following are some of the reasons why. Many top photographers and studios in Singapore like Grandeur Wedding Studio would definitely recommend you to take your wedding photographs in Singapore and the following are also the same reasons why you should listen to pros like them!

  • Singapore has both urban as well as rural landscapes and they can both serve as your wedding photograph backdrop. There are few countries around the world where the city and nature are just so near each other. This is only possible in Singapore because the overall land size in Singapore is so small, therefore, there are lots of places in which we can take photographs in the city and then move out into the suburban areas with beautiful parks e.t.c. In fact, if you’re feeling really lazy, you can still stay within 1 km of the city centre of Singapore and enjoy nature backdrops for your wedding photographs at the Gardens by the Bay.
  • Singapore is known to be a very sunny island. So much so that you may perspire often. However, if you were to have the right make up on, you will not perspire much, and if that is the case, then Singapore offers lots of beautiful places for you to take your outdoor pre-wedding photographs at because every place will always be brightly lit up versus other cities around the world like London where it always look gloomy.
  • Everything is colourful! Ranging from the corporate buildings to the HDB estate houses, everything seems colourful. Most other neighboring countries have boring grey colours on all of their buildings, but Singapore has vibrant colours on all its buildings, and that makes for beautiful backdrops for couples taking their wedding photographs in SG.
  • There are lots of talented wedding photographers in Singapore! Because competition is always tough in Singapore’s business environment, the photographers based in Singapore also need to constantly improve their quality and service. This means that as an end consumer, you will get to enjoy all the benefits that come from this. Enjoy! For all the photographers whom you speak to will be working hard to please you as well as show you their best portfolio. All the photographers will be putting their best foot forward for you, and that spells great news for you, your fiance and your wedding photographs!
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