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Welcome to the Sailor Moon FanFiction archive:! We are a Sailor Moon fanfiction site hosting a wide variety of Sailor Moon fanfiction stories. We are currently accepting fanfiction submissions of all Sailor Moon related stories and/or crossovers.


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Write a Picture Challenge Part 2 by Aisuruchan PG-13
Part 2 of the Write a Picture Challenge
Heartbreakers Can Never Love by fairy princess PG-13
Serena and Darien meet at a dance and they become friends fast. Or perhaps more...
A Little Older, A Little Wiser by Denial PG
Serena has been fighting alone, refusing to allow the other Scouts to be reawaken...
Guests: 2
Twenty Kisses by AngelMoon Girl PG-13
From the whimsical scheme of a kissing booth to the heartwrenching pain of losing...
Anomaly by AngelMoon Girl PG
As Mamoru struggles to decide between Usagi or college in America, the Sailor...
A Sailormoon Story by Mumu15 PG-13
When Sailor Galaxia starts to take the most powerful star seeds,  she finds...
Quirk of Fate by AngelMoon Girl PG-13
Reclusive med-student Chiba Mamoru would never have gotten caught up in the...
The Wolf and the Rabbit by Serenity_Kou PG-13
Neo Queen Serenity smiled down at her daughter and looked up at Eternal Sailor...
Snapshots of the Royals by AngelMoon Girl PG
Marriage is a powerful bond in life, and raising a child only serves to strengthen...
PGSM: Pretty Guardian Sailor Mars! by Rabune PG-13
This is a story of the dreams I have if I were a Sailor senshi. I turn into...
That's All You Want by ADVluv4life PG-13
This is a respond to a challenge, and I was actually going try a story like...
Like It Was Yesterday by Chibi Lady Serenity PG-13
Set after the Dark Kingdom arc, Endymion is with the inner senshi and Serenity...
Seeing Stars by Jason Ulloa PG-13
Darien's day went from bad to worse. Fired from his movie set job and dumped...


NOTICE TO ALL AUTHORS: Watch Your Categories!

This is the SIXTH time we've had to post this in the news blurb because it's becoming an issue yet again.

This is very important! When you submit your stories to the archives, you can select more than one category. This can be a great thing, or a horrible thing, depending on how you use it.

You CAN NOT have a fic that is in "general" and "alternate reality" because the story is either an AU fic or it is NOT. You can't have a fic that is a "songfic" and a "general" fic because it is either a songfic or it is NOT. You CAN NOT have a fic in the "crossovers" and the "general" categories because a fic is either a crossover or it is NOT.Et cetera, etcetera, et cetera.The general category is ONLY for stories that aren't in OTHER categories.

You CAN have a story that is both "alternate reality" and "songfic" or "alternate reality" and "drabble" ect. When you submit your categories for your stories please put some thought into it. Submit to the CORRECT category/ies. By not submitting to the CORRECT category/ies you are doing the archives a GREAT DISSERVICE and it messes up the whole flow of the website. Please contact any of the SMFFQCC if you have questions about this so we can all be clear and on the same page.

I am reposting this because it is once again becoming a big problem with all the incoming submissions. So this is a reminder for all you that have been here forever and a notice for all you new authors coming in.

--Bunny on January 23, 2010 3:24:59 AM 0 Comments

Multiple Chapters!!

Attention: If you have a multiple chapter story to submit, PLEASE submit ONLY the first chapter until it has been APPROVED. It really takes a lot of time to go through every chapter and if the first one does not meet the guidelines than neither do the other chapters andyou will have to do the same process all over again. So from now on, ALL chapter stories must have the first chapter submitted and APPROVED before submitting more.

Can't stress this rule enough. Please wait until your first chapter is ACCEPTED before submitting more to the story. You would have really waisted time submitting all those chapters if your first chapter isn't approved.

--Aisuru-chan on November 28, 2009 11:37:04 AM 0 Comments

September Challenge

Just a friendly reminder that the September challenge is still up. You can find it in the featured que. It's simple, and won't take long to do. The deadline is October 5th. You can do a drabble or a one shot. Have fun!

--Sailor Draco on September 25, 2009 9:09:44 PM 0 Comments

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