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Welcome to the Sailor Moon FanFiction archive:! We are a Sailor Moon fanfiction site hosting a wide variety of Sailor Moon fanfiction stories. We are currently accepting fanfiction submissions of all Sailor Moon related stories and/or crossovers.


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Write a Picture Challenge Part 2 by Aisuruchan PG-13
Part 2 of the Write a Picture Challenge
Heartbreakers Can Never Love by fairy princess PG-13
Serena and Darien meet at a dance and they become friends fast. Or perhaps more...
A Little Older, A Little Wiser by Denial PG
Serena has been fighting alone, refusing to allow the other Scouts to be reawaken...
Enlightened Aria by Jouai PG-13
The impossible has finally happened . . . the brightest star has fallen, and...
Guests: 6
Snapshots of the Royals by AngelMoon Girl PG
Marriage is a powerful bond in life, and raising a child only serves to strengthen...
Saving Bonds of Love by AngelMoon Girl R
Post-Stars. After a hilarious roadtrip involving nasty speeding tickets and...
The Golden Crown by Jessica Pendragon R
Prince Endymion is on the run after being accused of killing the king. In order...
Sailor Knight by JynxBlack PG
What if when Pharoh 90 was destroyed and the Senshi did not survive? This is...
Dishwashers F(uture) by xqmrp PG
It is roughly the 45th Century, and Crystal Tokyo is long in the past. ...
Summer Rain by Crystal Saturn PG-13
Sometimes fate plays games with 'Murphy's Law' to keep herself amused. Sometimes...
Only In My Dreams by Crystal Saturn PG
Usagi lives a busy life where she's expected to succeed in all aspects of it...
Memories of the Past by Chmia PG
Artemis recalls the first day he met Luna during the Silver Millennium.
Change Comes to Us All by Andromeda R
Not everyone was brought back from the Silver Millenium. Someone never died...
A Twist in the Story by sailormoon489 PG-13
What if it wasn’t the Prince of Earth’s Generals that were brainwashed...

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